Fernando Trujano - SHS

Fernando Trujano
Stratford High School
College/School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Career Goal: Electrical engineering/computer science

A top high school tennis player, Fernando was the first chair Mellophone/French Horn in the Marching band, Honors Bands and Stratford High School Orchestra. He’s a member of the National Honor Society, National Honor Technical Society, and was involved in the digital filmmaking and internship programs at the Guthrie Center.

Fernando has a passion for learning, but an even stronger interest in teaching other students to learn. He created a web page called “PeerTuts,” that aided fellow classmates with physics and math. Stratford High teacher Davy Barrett wrote, “I have never had such a complete student. I have had those that are exceptional in the classroom, those that are exceptional at interpersonal relationships and those that excel outside the classroom. Fernando is all three and more.”

With a strong interest in computers and digital technologies, Fernando describes himself as “an enthusiastic programmer, filmmaker, motion graphics artist and musician.” He writes that he plans to “touch the lives of many through technology and aid humanity through innovation.”
This fall, he will enter Massachusetts Institute of Technology with an interest in both electrical engineering and computer science.

2013 Shantamboo Charity Scholarship Winner
This scholarship was set up by the Desai family to honor Mr. and Mrs. Ambalal C. Desai. The Desai Family wanted to recognize and honor a well rounded student of good moral character through this award. Ambalal C. Desai presented the local scholarship to Fernando Trujano of Stratford High School.


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