Fernando Trujano - SHS

Name: Fernando Trujano
Age: 18
Grade: 12th (Senior)
School: Stratford High School

  • Distinguished Honor Roll (2009-2013)
  • Stratford Tennis team (2009-2013)
  • Stratford Band (2009-2013)
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Junior Engineering and Technology Society (JETS)
  • Academy of Science and Engineering (ASE)
  • 2nd place in America Computer IT Concepts Regional Competition
  • 5th place in Engineering & 8th overall at the Marine Advanced Technology Education Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Competition
  • 1st place in Business Professionals of America (BPA) Financial and Math Analysis Regional Competition
  • 2nd place in C++ at BPA Regional Competition
  • 7th place in C++ BPA State Competition
  • Finalist for the “World of 7 Billion” National Public Service Announcement (PSA) Competition
  • Web Develop intern at Harvard University’s Rover, a student-run mobile application and website development corporation
  • Founder of Fertogo Productions, his own special effects and video business
  • Co-founded PeerTuts.com, a tutoring website
Favorite class:

My favorite class is physics. I love learning about how the world works and operates. Throughout high school, science has always been the subject I favored.

Favorite things to do after class:

Outside of school, I do a lot of work on the computer. Whether it is teaching myself new computer languages and coding, or creating special effects, there are always new things for me to learn and to enjoy.

Favorite book:

I don’t read literature very much, but I’m always reading articles and stuff on the Internet.

Favorite song or favorite musical genre:

I listen to music in all different genres, but I love classical.

Favorite website:

I have my own website if that counts. Fernandotrujano.com is a virtual resume of my entire high school career, and Fertogo.com is the business I have started.

Favorite TV show:

I don’t watch very much TV. It is hard to find the time. Favorite movie: I can’t pick, there are too many great films out there.


I have been admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), something I still feel weird saying. I am majoring in electrical engineering and computer science, and I plan to pursue a career in that direction. My ultimate goal is to affect people and make a difference through the usage of technology.

What drives you to succeed?

My mom has always been really supportive in everything I do, and has made sure to give me the freedom to follow my own dreams. I work hard because I like working hard; I have found my passion, the love for my work pushes me to excel. You were a high school sophomore when your sister, Linda, was accepted into Harvard University.

Did you feel pressure to follow in her footsteps?

Yes and no. I felt pressure, but not in the negative sense. My sister’s success made me realize that my long-term goals are not just unrealistic dreams. Watching Linda achieve her dream of going to Harvard just made my dream of attending MIT all the more in reach.

-- Communications Dept. intern Kali Venable compiled this report.


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