Ryan Massey - MHS

Ryan Massey: 2013 Galleria Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Campus: Memorial High School
College Choice: Texas Christian University
Intended Major: Business, finance and/or accounting Career Goal: CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
If you were to ask most teenagers going to college at this point in their life, two-thirds of them would most likely tell you that they have no idea what they want to do. I wouldn’t be one of them. I have wanted to be an accountant since I took an accounting class my junior year. My even longer-term goal is to be hopefully be a CFO (chief financial officer).
I have come to realize how expensive Texas Christian University is, but feel it’s the best place where I can reach my goal of becoming an accountant. My goals for my college education are to get my degree and get a steady job where I can provide for my own family, as well as my family at home.
I would like to major in business, finance, or accounting. Accounting is organized and sometimes exact, which I love about it. I plan to finance this education with financial aid from TCU and with scholarships like yours.
During recent years, Ryan’s family struggled with job losses and financial issues, making her scholarship incredibly important to her future success.


Spring Branch ISD