Waaris Mohammad - SWH

Name: Waaris Mohammad
Age: 18 Grade - 12th Grade (Senior)
School: Spring Woods High School


Debate Awards - Ranked 1st in National Forensic League (NFL) Space City District,  Ranked 31st on NFL All-American, Placed 12th at the Tournament of Champions in Congressional Debate, National Competitor in Speech and Debate, 4 Event Qualifier For State Speech and Debate, 7 times Over Qualified in Congressional Debate, Recipient of the Lanny Naegelin Excellence Award and Scholarship for Speech & Debate ($250),  Highest Degree of Recognition in the NFL, Premier Distinction, Debate President, Harvard National Congress Tournament Semi-Finalist, Two-time National Qualifier for the NFL Tournament, Two-time District Champion in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking, District Champion in Congressional Debate for Senate

Academic Awards - Top 7 Percent, Honor Roll

Clubs/activities - Debate/Playing guitar/Working out/Eating

Favorite class and why - “Debate - I am able to engage in deep, intellectual conversations regarding politics while honing my public speaking skills.”

Favorite thing to do after school and why “Engage in the consumption of piping hot coffee while reading The Economist.”

Favorite musical genre (or band or song) and why “Progressive Metal, like Sezaam or Dream Theatre. The music spins a story, much like a symphony, in a modern way. Besides, it’s good pump-up music.”

Favorite website and why “Reddit.com. It’s a website that’s a smorgasbord of interesting pictures, discussions, and videos gathered from the wide reaches of the web.” Favorite TV show and why “Don’t really watch/like TV. (It’s great white-noise though.)”

Favorite movie and why “V for Vendetta.” It shows how the actions of a single figure can shape an entire

Favorite book and why “George Carlin’s ‘Brain Droppings.’ It provides an interesting perspective of society from a man who many considered one of the greatest cynical comedians.”

Ambition (career, future school, etc.) “I plan on getting my bachelor's degree from The George Washington University in the District of Columbia in International Affairs and Economics in order to land a career in foreign services.”

What are you passionate about? “Politics. It’s a series of systems, policies, etc., that were created to help govern society. Politics change in accordance to what the people in a country believe, and I believe that society is progressing and moving forward with the present generation.”

What inspires you? “Young advocates for change who take the initiative to better society, regardless of what others tell them. In this respect, the one who inspires me the most would be William Igobowke, a political communication graduate from the University of Texas who is running for mayor in Jacksonville, Texas. Young, educated, and full of fire, he’s one of my biggest role models.”

What three items can you absolutely not live without? “Coffee, the Internet, and my ‘Foreign Affairs’ magazine subscription.” *Please include three sentences about change you’d like to see in the world.* “I would love to see more social progress in society, more movements for connecting people and creating opportunities, because without such, society can never truly advance. George Carlin put it best when he said, ‘...And the supreme arrogance? Save the planet! Are these people kidding? Save the planet? We don't even know how to take care of ourselves; we haven't learned how to care for one another. We're gonna save the freakin’ planet?’ All other problems, war, education, poverty, etc., can be solved if people took the initiative to care and help one another.

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