Patrick Vu - NBH

Patrick Vu: College Challenge Class of 2013
Campus: Northbrook High School
College Choice: University of Houston Intended
Major: Civil Engineering
Mentor: Patty Cordrey

Why did you choose to major in civil engineering? 
I chose to major in civil engineering because I like learning how things work and how structures are pieced together. I have always been fascinated by the amount of work that can go into a complex engineering project.

What was it like to have an individual mentor? 
Having my own mentor was probably my favorite part of the Collegiate Challenge program. We met every Thursday to turn in college application stuff. She was always there to help me get things done and push me to go above and beyond. The individual attention I received was incredibly helpful and I developed a relationship with her that I plan to continue after high school – we will always be in touch.

Interview compiled by Communications Intern Kali Venable Student photograph courtesy of Professional Photographers of America (


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