Joshua Lee - SHS

Joshua Lee
Stratford High School
College/School: University of Texas at San Antonio
Career Goal: Computer engineering

Joshua is the drum major in the Stratford Marching Band and a member of the National Honor Society. He has received multiple accolades for his achievements in the classroom, as well as for his talents as a musician. Joshua makes it a priority to serve his church and local community.

Mary Jackson, his student council advisor, describes Joshua as “a young man with great morals and values, well respected by his administrators and peers. He sets his goals high and does not stop until he reaches them.”

Joshua plans to study computer engineering for spiritual reason. In his personal essay he states, “My passion for this major is that I can make a difference in my church and local community through computers, not just phone applications or streaming live sermons, but for something greater to teach the Word of God not just in the United States, but to the other nations across the world.”

He plans to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio.

2013 Spring Branch Lions Club Scholarship Winner
Spring Branch Lions Club established this scholarship award to help graduating seniors pursue a higher level of education through a four-year university, junior college or technical school. Club members Donald and Ronald Landers presented the scholarship.


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