Helen Nguyen - MHS

Helen Nguyen: Class of 2013 Collegiate Challenge Mentee
Campus: Memorial High School
College Choice: University of St. Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland
Intended Major: Sustainable Development

What was the most helpful thing you received as a member of Collegiate Challenge? 
I would have to say the help I received with applications was crucial to my success senior year. Applying to college is so confusing, especially with the narrow timeline to submit applications and the mass amount of competition. My mentor and I set deadlines for all of the application stuff I had to get done, and it helped me avoid procrastination as well as relieved stress.

Does going to college in another country make you nervous? 
No, not really. I feel prepared for college with the academic career I have had at Memorial and with the help from my Collegiate Challenge group—I am ready to head off on my own. The long-distance thing surprisingly doesn’t bother me. I am excited to see the world and travel. I must admit I am a little nervous for how my mom will handle not having me around.

This interview was compiled by Communications Intern Kali Venable


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