Evan Rauch - MHS

Evan Rauch 
Campus: Memorial High School
Grade: 11th Grade (Junior)

• National Honor Society nominee
• Honor Roll student
• Sold more than $6,000 in homemade jewelry
• Intern at “New for the Night” retail store
• Taught Sunday School prekindergarten class at Congregation Beth Israel
• B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (BBYO) chapter officer
• Started a jewelry fundraiser to raise money for breast cancer

Favorite class: “My favorite class is statistics because I really like math and it is the most interesting topic to me, and makes the most sense.” Favorite things to do after class: “I spend most of my time beading and working on my jewelry, but I also play tennis with friends and go on runs. I also like to do art at home.” 

Favorite book: “I have read so many good books, but two of my favorites are “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen and “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel.” Favorite song or favorite musical genre: “I listen to a lot of acoustic and singer songwriter stuff – bands such as ‘Train’ and ‘Mumford and Sons.’”

Favorite website: “I love to mess around on Polyvore.com, you can put together outfits and create a board of your interest – it is really entertaining and I get inspiration for my jewelry and style. I also like Henry Bendel’s website and Pinterest; I am a Pinterest addict.”

Favorite TV show: “My favorite TV show is without a doubt ‘Gossip Girl,’ it is so addicting; I could watch all of the seasons a million times through, and it would never get old.”

Favorite movie: “I love comedies. ‘Pitch Perfect’ is my current favorite. I also like ‘The September Issue,’ a documentary about (American Vogue editor-in-chief) Anna Wintour.”

Ambition: “I hope to be accepted to New York University (NYU) and get an internship in fashion. I want to major in math and get a business minor. I love math so I think it would be a good major if fashion doesn’t work out. I think I am going to get my master’s in business; I would love to be on the business side of a brand.”

What drives you to succeed? “My parents expect me to work as hard as I can but I am also really self driven. I am competitive with myself and I want to prove to others that I can succeed in everything I work hard at.”

What got you started making jewelry? “I started making jewelry in 8th grade, everything I made was horrible. I think I had like a beading kit I worked off of and then over time I just learned the trade and started going to bead stores everywhere – I became a bit obsessed. My business has brought me so much opportunity though.”

Was there ever a point in time where you realized “Hey this is an actual business?” “Yes, I had my first trunk show last year and sold all 44 bracelets I had made. I think that is when I realized that people actually liked my product and were willing to spend money to buy it. Following that trunk show, I had lists of orders and they didn’t stop coming; it is so flattering to have as many people wearing your artwork as I do.”

Do you think your self-made business has prepared you for a future career? “Yes, definitely. I have learned to be comfortable with complete strangers and I’ve become more of a people person. I think being able to interact and work with various types of personalities is a great skill for future jobs in any industry.” 

What is your internship? “I actually just got my internship for a store called ‘New For the Night’ that rents out clothing and accessories. The manager saw my work through a friend and asked me to come intern and sell my jewelry in her shop. She wants to teach me what will sell and won’t sell in the industry, and teach me the inventory side of the job.”

Can you tell me a bit about your fundraiser? “Yes. I am raising money for breast cancer through giving a portion of profits to help find a cure for breast cancer. I decided to donate money to a cause I think everyone is familiar with and has been affected by – we all know someone who has survived or been taken by breast cancer.”

What are three things that you cannot live without? “I can’t live without beads, Netflix or a pencil.” This interview and report was compiled by Communications Dept. intern Kali Venable.


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