Destiny Lewis - WAIS

Destiny Lewis: Collegiate Challenge Class of 2013
Campus: Westchester Academy for International Studies College Choice: University of Texas at Austin with the option of transferring next year directly to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. Intended Major: Toxicology and Pharmacology
Mentor: Greg Donaldson

Why did you decide to go into the Navy? 

It wasn’t anything I planned. When I was selecting classes as a freshman, I read the information about the Navy Jr. ROTC program (in Spring Branch). It sounded interesting and I needed another elective.

Little did I know the I would really learn to love the lifestyle . . . the regimentation, the uniforms, the sense of order. I soon had a leadership position. I knew I wanted to continue with the (military) service and decided to apply to the Naval Academy in Annapolis. I went through the steps and was accepted and ready to go, but one day I got a call that I had to be 17 before the beginning of classes. I was 15 so I applied for, and then was accepted by ROTC at UT-Austin. I plan to make the Navy a career.

I want to be a JAG (Judge Advocate General) officer and handle internal and legal affairs.

You will graduate at 16 years old. Has being younger been an issue for you? 

I was moved up a couple of grades when I was much younger. At first, I did not want people to treat or view me as different. I told no one my age, but then I guess that I got good with it so that now I tell people if it comes up. I think that being young pushed me to try harder, and maybe some people expected more from me.

What was the most important element of Collegiate Challenge for you? 

Having my mentor, Greg Donaldson, to lead me through the maze of applying for and to be accepted by the right school. He was there when I found out that I wouldn’t be going to Annapolis this year, helped me get into UT. As the parent of two college students, his knowledge of “the college process” made everything easier. He knows what classes are “musts” and how to get in them, and where the money comes from, and how to get it.

From Day One of Collegiate Challenge classes this year, all of us had to apply for a scholarship every week. I’m receiving a full ride from the Navy for my education, but I will need money for things like travel, supplies and laundry. I received a Spring Branch Education Foundation grant, which will also help a lot. Photo courtesy of Professional Photographers of America (


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