Cecilia Lopez - SWHS

Cecilia Lopez
Spring Woods High School
College/School: University of Houston
Career Goal: Veterinarian Studies

Cecilia is a member of the National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society and the Humanitarian Society. She is a hard worker who has learned to manage a rigorous course load while taking on additional responsibilities at home. Having lost a parent at the age of 15, she realized it was important for her to help her family and support them emotionally.

Cecelia says that she is grateful for the adults in her life who have been there for her when she needed someone to lend an ear. Her favorite teacher, Mrs. Gutierrez, was one of her biggest advocates. Another supporter and mentor, Wayne Schaper, Jr., says that Cecelia “always keeps a positive attitude and is one of the most focused young ladies he has had the pleasure of working with.”

In her personal essay Cecelia writes, “The loss of my mother is something I will never overcome and it hurts me to think of all the things she’ll miss seeing me do. Yet, I won’t let this stop me. I will accomplish my goals and make my family proud of my accomplishments.”
She will attend the University of Houston and pursue veterinarian studies.

2013 Rachel Pendray Scholarship Winner
A former student at Spring Woods High School, Rachel Pendray attended Sam Houston State University, where she was involved with cheerleading and she pursued the study of nursing.

In the reading used to present her scholarship, the following was stated: “There were many ways in which Rachel made herself known – she was involved with swim team and diving, was active in her church, and was a friend to everyone she met. She did not know a stranger and was an inspiration to many. Rachel was always laughing and smiling, giving support to those who might be down, and she left a permanent memory of a beautiful girl whose shining face and loving heart touched our lives forever . . . and whose smile was occasionally mixed with a crazy silly grin, pushed up nose and tongue sticking out.

“While Rachel’s life ended too soon, her short time with us made a tremendous impact on all whose path she crossed. We are excited to present three worthy students the chance to begin their college career while carrying on Rachel’s memory and working towards a future that would make Rachel proud. We ask our honorees to please accept this donation towards your future in honor of a wonderful young lady – study hard, smile a lot and represent Rachel in a way that will make her and her family and friends honored to be a part of your future.”


Spring Branch ISD