Vicky Lopez - NBHS

The Student Spotlight is a monthly feature highlighting one SBISD student for their hard work, leadership and accomplishments. We believe all students can achieve, and that when we work together...a dream can become a reality. Congratulations to this month's student honoree.

Name: Vicky Lopez
Age: 18
Grade: 12th grade (Senior)
School: Northbrook High School

  • National Honor Society, two years
  • Volunteer, Clay Road YMCA Child Watch program
  • Volunteer, Holibrook Elementary School homework helper
  • Volunteer, Spring Spirit Baseball program (Hollibrook Elementary)
  • Historian, Class of 2013, Northbrook High School
  • Advanced Photography, SBISD’s The Guthrie Center, two years
  • Third Place District Ribbon, Houston Rodeo School Art Contest
  • History Award

Favorite class:
Art and Photography

Favorite thing to do after class:

Favorite book:
The Tender Bar by American author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist J.R. Moehringer. “I really liked reading about all of the experiences that the boy in this book went through without a father in his life.”

Favorite song:
“I Don’t Want This Night to End,” by country singer Luther “Luke” Bryan

Favorite website:

Favorite television show:
None. Vicky does not watch television.

Favorite movie:
The Dark Knight “Christopher Nolan is a great director. His movies show his ambition and perfect creativity.”

“I’m open to what may happen. In 10 years, I think that I will be teaching within a middle school. I want to major in education and teaching.”


Spring Branch ISD