Samatha Moon - Guthrie & MHS

Guthrie Center CTE Program 2013 Scholarship Winner
Career & Technical Education Scholarships

Samantha Moon, Guthrie & Memorial
Jane Primrose & Christy Capps, Nominating Teachers

When defining the ideal Agricultural Sciences student, or any student for that matter, it would simply require a photograph of Samantha Moon.

Sami shows many of the characteristics that a model student, as well as a model citizen, should possess; she simply craves to make our community better than when she began. Sami is involved in FFA, National Technical Society, National Charity League, Theater, Band and many other activities. She is the Guthrie Center "Character Without Question" nominee for 2012 - 2013. She shows conscientiousness and humanity when working with her animal projects and thrives on learning both the physiology and behavioral aspects of all living things around her; never settling for good enough.

This quality, along with her impeccable leadership when working solely as well as in a group, have made her an immeasurable asset to the Spring Branch FFA chapter. Moreover, her communication skills have equally positively impacted our chapter and community by exemplifying to community members the “product” of an SBISD education as well as educating our future agriculturalists that will succeed her.

She is simply an amazing individual that I feel blessed to have been a part of her journey. Educators can simply only hope to have a few “Sami’s” in their careers. Sami has aspirations of attending veterinary school and I undoubtedly know that she will be successful in that venture as well as become a leader in the veterinary sciences field.

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  1. Sami is the best! She is just one of those all around great girls!


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