Jeremy Dyer - Guthrie & Westchester

Guthrie Center CTE Program 2013 Scholarship Winner
Career & Technical Education Scholarships

Jeremy Dyer, Guthrie & Westchester
Jennifer Cardenas/Erin Land, Nominating Teachers

Jeremy arrived at the Guthrie Center Culinary Program as a freshman and has remained a strong force in our culinary classes throughout high school. He may have begun as a quiet,studious, focused worker, but he leaves us confident, skilled, and a viable force to reckon with in the Food Service Industry.

While Jeremy is academically advanced, his creativity and love of food and the science of working with it, has propelled him into a future that few may ever imagine. We have no doubts that he will make advances in the research and understanding of what makes food appetizing and interesting.

He plans to attend the University of Houston, pursuing a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.


Spring Branch ISD