Alexandria Snook - Guthrie & NBH

Guthrie Center CTE Program 2013 Scholarship Winner
The Art Institute of Houston Scholarship

Alexandria Snook, Guthrie & Northbrook
Jennifer Cardenas & Erin Land, Nominating Teachers

We call Alex “Little Miss Sunshine” because of the sweet endearing light she has brought into our program. There are actually many ways to describe this young lady that reveal the joy and happiness she has shared with us all.

As a freshman walking in the door, Alex exuded an attitude of excitement and fascination that she was given the opportunity to study culinary arts while in high school. She was ready to work and work she did. Alex felt like everyone should be as grateful as she was to have this amazing opportunity. Through the four years she has grown and developed her skills and never shied away from helping anyone at any time.

She is nurturing,kind, firm, and sometimes motherly to her classmates. There has never been anyone with whom Alex was not ready and willing to work. Her dreams of attending culinary school and pursuing her professional career are falling into place. She has taken full advantage of a unique Guthrie Center opportunity.

We send her to culinary school prepared and equipped to succeed. Her dreams are achievable and we could not be more proud. She will be missed, but we will speak of her accomplishments as we embrace students who share her dream. We will tell her story for years to come.

She is planning on attending The Art Institute getting a degree in Culinary Arts.


Spring Branch ISD